Steelers Draft Breakdown: C+

1) Ryan Shazier – LB, Ohio State

2) Stephon Tuitt – DT, Notre Dame

3) Dri Archer – RB, Kent State

4) Martavis Bryant – WR, Clemson

5) Shaquille Richardson – CB, Arizona

5) Wesley Johnson – C, Vanderbilt

6) Jordan Zumwalt – OLB, UCLA

6) Dan McCullers – DT, Tennessee

7) Rob Blanchflower – TE, UMass

The Steelers biggest needs going into this season were clearly NT, CB, and WR.  One could say DE, but we all know Keisel can play still play and he’s probably sitting in tree stand somewhere, hunting some bear, and waiting for his phone to ring.  The big question is, did they address their needs?  This is a 16-16 over the last two seasons football team that needs STARTERS.  So, have their gaping, Octomom-like holes been patched up and addressed?  Yes.  They have.  Sadly, just in rounds 4-7 though.

1) How can you not love Stephon Tuitt as a 3-4 DE and Ryan Shazier’s 4.4 speed paired up with Timmons in the middle?  I think those are two picks that will significantly help the Steelers.  Can’t have Vince Williams starting again this year.  But the fact remains that since Casey Hampton left this team, the defense has been sub par.  The Steelers BIGGEST NEED for 2014 was a giant 3-4 nose tackle to plug up the middle.  You think it was just Farrior and Timmons making all of those plays all those years?  No.  It was Casey Hampton’s fat turd frame taking up 2, sometimes 3 offensive linemen at a time.  Basically what the Steelers have right now are three, 3-4 type defensive ends playing in their 3-4 scheme.  Tuitt, Hayward, McLendon.  McLendon showed last year he can’t be a 3-4 NT.  They decided to address the NT need in the 6th round, of all places, taking Dan McCullers out of Tennessee.  Now, unless Colbert and Tomlin know something we don’t and McCullers is some type of steal, I don’t care how fast Timmons and Shazier are, they still need someone plugging up the interior of the line upfront.  Maybe that will be Cam Thomas who they signed in the off season?  But the dude was available for a reason and got benched last year with the Chargers.

2) Are you fucking serious taking Dri Archer in the 3rd round?  It seems these dudes think their the Patriots or the 49ers, with the audacity to draft what will be a 3rd string running back with their 3rd round round pick.  I get it, he ran a 4.26 and clearly has blazing athleticism, but if you think for a second that wasn’t a reach or a misuse of a pick then your bloody fucking stupid.  This team needs potential starters.  Not scat backs that will touch the ball 5-6 times a game.

3) Martavius Bryant.  Eh.  Clearly the size of what they need to compliment Antonio Brown, but obviously if he fell to the 4th round it’s a total coin flip on if this dude will work out or not.  For every Antonio Brown or Mike Wallace the Steelers have taken, opposite there is a Limas Sweed or dare I say it, an Emmanuel “Stone Hands” Sanders.  It’s the same exact situation with Shaq Richardson as their 5th round pick at corner.  A huge need that they decided to address with a late pick.  Again, a coin flip.  For every Keenan Lewis or Cortez Allen there’s been a Curtis Brown and a Terry Hawthorne.

All said.  I give it a C+.  There are still gaping problems with this defense that weren’t addressed and there are way too many question marks still at corner, wide out, and nose tackle.  If this draft doesn’t work out, it’s Colbert who is getting the ax next year.  I’m becoming more and more convinced that Kevin Colbert on draft day locks his office door, hides under his desk crying, and then takes shots of Jim Beam until he gains the liquid courage to make it over to the war room.

Final Note – Are there any good Notre Dame or Ohio State players in the league?  Very few.  Just something to think about.

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