If You Can’t Admit As A Straight Man That Zac Efron Is A Good Looking Dude In Neighbors You Simply Cannot Be Trusted

Unless you’ve been shacked up in Donald Sterling’s “Hitler’s last days”-esc bunker for the last week and a half you would know Seth Rogan’s new movie “Neighbors” came out this weekend starring he and Zac Efron.

Am I the only straight dude in the world whose blown away by the handsomeness of Zac Efron?  No wonder this bastard is famous.  For Christ sakes did God impregnate Mrs. Efron himself?  I mean how much unpursued tail does this guy pull in?  He must literally sigh and roll his eyes when anyone below a 10 requests to have sex with him.  Like “how dare you beg me to bang you Kate Upton?  You are not even in my league bitch.”

This fucking dude.  What a life.  Genetic highway robbery.  It must be an amazing power to be able to steal anyone’s girlfriend at any time.  Pretty much the closest thing we have to a modern day super hero.  I’m Team Efron from here on out.  Even if you were ranked 20th in his entourage your still banging 9.5’s or higher just by association.

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