I’m Didn’t Wish Cancer On Donald Sterling But God Dammit I Love Being Right


Well how about that?  The old man IS indeed going to croke.  Called it on Tuesday.  I knew it the minute this story blew up.  My reaction wasn’t “oh Donald Sterling is racist as shit” or “oh you shouldn’t say that about black people”.  No, my reaction was “Donald Sterling is going to drop dead within a year”.

Now granted, I predicted a heart attack-like death, but I guess I have to meet Lucifer halfway on this one and call it a deal.

Side Note: Kind of crazy the turn of events Donald Sterling has had in the past two weeks.

Two Weeks Ago – Billionaire, owner of the Clippers, team fighting for a championship, sitting courtside, half black side piece, receiving NAACP award

Today – racist, losing his team, entire country hates him, banned from Clippers events, lost his side piece, can’t sit courtside, no longer receiving NAACP award… oh and he has cancer and is going to die alone.



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