This Guy Definitely Doo Doo’ed His Pants In The Fallon/Cano Boo Skit


I’m sure by now you’ve seen the Robinson Cano Boo video Jimmy Fallon put together for The Tonight Show.  If you haven’t its below.  Two reasons in particular its hilarious:

1) It confirms everything we truly know deep down as fans.  That we can yell all the shit we want in our comfy seats 20 rows back along the first base line, but we would still get our asses beat if confronted face to face.  This is simply just further evidence of that.

2) That white dude in the black shirt was legit scared when Cano popped around the corner.  That my friends was the look of a man squirting out a broken up chocolate hot dog into his briefs.  Cano took his soul.

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