Michelle Beadle Takes Jack Jablonski, Paralyzed From A Hockey Check, To Prom

ESPN's Michelle Beadle tweets a photo with Jack Jablonski and friends prior to attending prom.

An ESPN TV host lived up to her promise and attended senior prom with a Minnesota teen that was paralyzed during a hockey game.

Michelle Beadle posted a picture on Twitter Saturday night.

In March Beadle interviewed Jack Jablonski on the show “SportsNation” about his injury. That’s when he boldly asked her to prom and Beadle immediately told him yes.

“He is just a cool human being, and to do what he’s been through and to be able to do it and keep smiling and everyone loves him. It’s just a no brainer to want to hang out,” said Beadle.

The school made a special accommodation to let the 38-year-old attend the prom

Cool ass move here by Michelle Beadle.  I already wanted her to sit on my face quite frankly, but now knowing she has a soft heart, I probably wouldn’t mind watching the sunset with her too.

Jack Jablonski sent a message to his entire school the he might be paralyzed but he’s still going to bring a famous smoke to prom and ruin all the high school bitches day of glory.  High school girls are just the worst, aren’t they?  Guarantee they were jealous as fuck of Michelle Beadle and had no appreciation for Jack’s situation. “She’s liiiike fortyyyyyyy”, “Yeah nice dress blahhhh”, “I thought she would totally be prettierrrrr”, “eww she’s wayyyy too fat to be on TV”.

Then they went home and cried because their dates had wandering eyes all night for Michelle Beadle.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter


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